Kuwait e-Visa For Dutch Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Farwaniya, Kuwait

One of Kuwait’s main residential areas and where the Kuwait International Airport is located. This is the city for retail therapy and indulgence. You will find everything from local dried fruit, perfumes, and metal ornaments to rugs and clothes. For those with kids, before heading to the airport, stop at the Kids Village entertainment area and let them work out any access energy so they can have a more relaxed flight home.

To explore Kuwait's immense treasure trove of riches, travel is the key. To begin, Dutch residents must have a legitimate e-visa and passport in order to go to Kuwait. In this article, we will describe the Kuwait e-visa prerequisites and how Dutch visitors can get an e-visa at Kuwait Immigration Services.

Kuwait e-Visa for Dutch citizens

Kuwait e-Visa for Netherlands

1. Kuwait Visa Requirements For Dutch citizens

A travel authorization allowing people to enter Kuwait for tourism is known as a Kuwait e-Visa (electronic visa) or a Kuwait visa online. Citizens of the Netherlands may enter Kuwait with this type of visa for up to 90 days during its one-month validity. However, Dutch citizens are only permitted to enter this nation once. They must submit a new Kuwait e-visa application if they want to travel once again.

Because the Netherlands is not on the list of visa-free countries to Kuwait, thus Dutch travelers must get an e-visa to enter Kuwait legally. Dutch nationals are issued a Kuwait e-visa for tourist purposes, which is valid for 30 days with a single entry. Dutch citizens must meet the following conditions in order to get the specified e-visa:

  • Dutch citizens must have their passports valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry. In addition, please leave 2 blank pages for visa stamps.
  • The applicant’s photograph clearly shows the face and forehead.
  • Passport Personal Information Scan that is not missing any lines.
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card.
  • A frequent-check email address is required.

Kuwait e-Visa requirements for Dutch citizens

Kuwait e-Visa requirements for Dutch citizens

2. How To Apply For Kuwait e-Visa From Netherlands

Dutch individuals can apply for a Kuwait e-visa in two ways:

  • Kuwait Embassy: travelers can get a paper visa from the nearest Kuwait Embassy by making an appointment.
  • Online application: Travelers will receive a digital visa for Kuwait.

Travelers can select the approach they want to use to obtain a Kuwait visa. However, because of its convenience and simplicity, we highly strongly advise you to use the online application option. Applying at the Embassy most likely be time-consuming and inconvenient; therefore, using an online application system is the easiest approach to apply for an e-visa for a trip. To begin applying for a Kuwait e-visa, please follow the instruction:

  • Step 1: You are required to complete the application form by entering all relevant personal data, such as your full name, nationality, date of birth, entry date as well as passport numbers.
  • Step 2: Next, you must examine all of the data that was provided to make sure it is correct. If there are any errors, typos, or informational gaps, your e-Visa application may be rejected. After that, in order for your application to be completed, you will need to pay the e-Visa fee.
  • Step 3: A confirmation email stating that your e-Visa application has been received will now arrive in the mail. Your e-Visa application will be examined and approved online, after which it will be mailed to you.
  • Step 4: To be ready for your travel to Kuwait, download and print a copy of your Kuwait e-Visa after you've got it in your email. You'll need to obtain your e-Visa stamped in your passport once you arrive in the nation.

Kuwait Immigration Services processes e-Visas efficiently, and your e-visa will be available in no more than three working days. When selecting the Rush Visa service, your application can be completed and accepted in as fast as 05 to 24 hours.

How to apply for a Kuwait visa for Dutch citizens

apply for a Kuwait visa for Dutch citizens

3. Kuwait e-Visa Fee For Dutch Citizens

Dutch travelers must pay two fees to process their e-visa: the Government fee and the Service fee. The government fee is obligatory and must be submitted to the Ivory Coast government in order for your e-visa application to be reviewed. The service charge is paid to Kuwait Immigration Services in exchange for consulting and assistance:

  • Standard processing: For Dutch citizens who need an e-Visa/e-Visa within three business days.
  • Urgent processing: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa within 24 business hours.
  • Super Urgent processing: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa in less than 5 business hours.

Applicants can pay the Kuwait e-visa fee in 02 ways:

  • Online payment: we accept a debit or credit card, American Express, or PayPal.
  • The Bank of Cyprus, for wire transfers.

Additionally, our experts encourage Dutch visitors to obtain Travel Insurance to secure their privileges from unexpected incidents and health concerns, such as COVID-19 treatment.

With Kuwait Immigration Services, to support travelers on their journey, our services will provide a convenient Car Pick-up service to support travelers when arriving in a new country. Our E-sim service is also extremely beneficial for your trip. It can assist you in remaining connected and informed throughout your journey.