Kuwait e-Visa For French Citizens - Requirements & Fees

Located in the North of Eastern Arabia, Kuwait is popularly known as a country that possesses huge oil resources. The Middle East country owns many "world-class" constructions and other interesting things for you to explore.

Visa application is a concern when traveling to Kuwait. Kuwait has stringent policies for foreigners to ensure national security. In 2016, a new visa policy was released namely Kuwait e-Visa. This new visa is a truly innovative step for Kuwaiti tourism thanks to its conveniences. In this article, we share with you Kuwait e-Visa requirements for French citizens and how to apply for it.

Kuwait visa for French citizens

Kuwait e-visa for French citizens

1. Check Kuwait e-Visa Requirements For French Citizens

  • What is a Kuwait e-visa?

Kuwait e-Visa (electronic visa) or Kuwait visa online is a digital visa giving permission to foreigners to enter Kuwait for travel purposes. Eligible citizens can simply apply for an e-Visa via the application form. No longer waiting for hours at the embassy or consulate, with Kuwait Immigration Services, you can apply remotely anywhere as the entire process is 100% online. Also, you do not need to prepare any paperwork during the application process. The Kuwait e-visa is very convenient and reduces unnecessary procedures, helping passport holders to save time and effort.

Nevertheless, not all nationals can apply. French citizens should check carefully the requirements before applying.

  • Check Kuwait e-Visa requirements

According to the rules, the travelers are required to be a citizen of one of the eligible countries listed below:

  1. Residents coming from the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and all EU countries can apply for a Kuwait visa online.
  2. The citizens of GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council) including Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates can visit Kuwait without a visa.
  3. All foreign nationals residing in GCC countries regardless of their nationality are also eligible to apply as long as they have a stable job.

Additionally, there are other details that every traveler needs to remember precisely:

  1. The Kuwait e-Visa is valid as a single entry authorization. That means you can enter Kuwait only one time, if you return, you need to have a re-entry visa.
  2. Per trip, travelers can stay in Kuwait for a maximum of 90 days from arrival day. Overstaying situations will be fined.
  3. Permitted staying purposes include tourism or leisure activities. No employment purposes are permitted
  4. Foreigners residing in GCC countries who must have a valid residence permit over 06 months can apply.
  • Do French citizens need to have an e-visa to enter Kuwait?

France does not belong to Kuwait's exemption visa country list, so French citizens need to apply for a Kuwait visa. France is eligible for Kuwait e-Visa, and Frenchs can apply for an e-Visa to travel to Kuwait.

If your cases can not meet the eligibility criteria, kindly contact Kuwait Embassy in France to apply for a traditional visa.

Kuwait visa requirements for French citizens

Kuwait visa requirements for French citizens

2. Kuwait e-Visa Processing Time 

  • What are the required documents for the Kuwait e-Visa?

We believe that good preparation will bring an advantageous circumstance. Please take note carefully the required documents below:

  • The French passport is valid for at least 06 months from the arrival date in Kuwait and has a page to get a stamp.
  • A scan of the biographical page of the passport.
  • A passport-sized photograph of the applicant. 
  • A valid credit/ debit card for available payment methods. 
  • An existing email address is to receive an e-visa online.

The border authorities will strictly check your eligibility. Please bring your passport, a confirmed eVisa, and relevant documents. The GCC citizens can be required to show a digital copy of their GCC residency document. The applicant does not need to test for COVID-19 before boarding a flight to Kuwait.

  • How to apply for a Kuwait visa online from France

The application form online is an important step, you have to declare honestly and completely the basic information so that the Ministry of Interior of the State of Kuwait can review your application accurately. Click on the “Apply Visa” button on the navigation bar to approach the form. The Kuwait visa online processing comprises 04 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill in the application form with your basic information including:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Passport number

Step 2: Make a payment for your services and submit some required documents

Step 3: Wait for the visa result. After processing, you will obtain your e-Visa via the email address.

Step 4: With a valid e-Visa, you will receive a stamp as a confirmation.

You should print your e-visa and hold both your passport and e-visa at all times. The stamping fee is 3 KD ( approximately 10 USD) for each holder.

Kuwait visa fee for French citizens

Kuwait visa fee for French citizens

3. Kuwait e-Visa Fees For French Citizens

The application generally includes 02 types of fees: Government fees and visa service fees.

Both are mandatory fees and need to be paid prior to the processing time. Generally, the application will be approved quickly within 72 business hours. However, if travelers need your e-visa urgently for their trips, you can consider selecting the Rush Visa service:

  • Urgent: For those who would like to get an eVisa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: For those who would like to get an eVisa within 05 business hours.

The service fee will vary depending on the type of service you choose. By the way, we recommend you apply soon, at least a week before boarding a flight to avoid arising problems and solve them on time (if any). Kindly consider your plan carefully before making payment; any changes after this period will be charged as a new application.

Travel Insurance is a protective tool for your Kuwait trip. In each outbound trip, it is difficult to cover entire situations happening accidentally, you should have good preparation for that. With values up to $50,000, we believe that the Insurance will make you feel more secure. 

Finally, we hope you get a successful application process and enjoy your Kuwait trip. If you have any questions about the Kuwait e-Visa for French citizens, please contact us for more assistance.