Kuwait Transit Visa: How to Obtain a Kuwait Transit Visa

How To Obtain A Kuwait Transit Visa

Explore the wonders of Kuwait, a captivating West Asian nation celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and impressive architectural marvels. Positioned as both a sought-after tourist destination and a pivotal transit hub for onward travelers, Kuwait beckons with its allure. If you're planning a journey with a layover in Kuwait, it's crucial to navigate the process of acquiring either a Kuwait transit visa or a Kuwait e-Visa.

A Kuwait transit visa allows you to enjoy a layover in Kuwait before continuing your journey. This visa is compulsory if your layover extends beyond 4 hours or if you intend to venture outside the airport premises. Residents of GCC countries, however, are exempt from this requirement.

In this comprehensive guide, Kuwait Immigration Services offers valuable insights into obtaining a Kuwait transit visa, ensuring a smooth passage through this enchanting country.

Kuwait transit visa online application

  • Have a valid passport, not older than 10 years, with a validity of at least 90 days from the visa expiry date.
  • Complete the transit visa application form.
  • Provide a 06-month bank statement for non-Kuwaiti nationals.
  • Prepare 1 - 2 recent passport-size photographs with a white background, not older than 06 months.
  • Present proof of onward flight tickets.
  • Proof of hotel reservation (if applicable).

Kuwait Transit Visa Validity

The Kuwait transit visa allows a stay of up to seven days, expiring if not utilized within this period. Notably, the visa does not apply to residents of GCC countries.

Applying for Kuwait E-Visa Online

Travelers with layovers in Kuwait can conveniently apply for a visa online through the Kuwait Immigration Services website. The process involves:

  • Visit the Kuwait Immigration Services portal.
  • Select Apply Visa”.
  • Accurately enter all required details, including passport information and email address. Double-check the information.
  • Submit the e-visa fees to complete the application. 

For a more in-depth understanding of the online application process, refer to our comprehensive guide on applying for a Kuwait visa online.

Information About The Kuwait Online Visa

If you are ineligible for an e-visa, alternative options include applying for a transit visa at the nearest Kuwaiti embassy or consulate. Travelers also have the flexibility to apply for a visa upon arrival at the airport.

Kuwait Transit Visa Cost

Getting a Kuwait transit visa incurs a processing fee of KWD 2 (USD 6.50).