Kuwait e-Visa For Lithuanian Citizens - Requirements & Fees

If you're a traveler who adores Islamic culture, Kuwait's Grand Mosque, one of its most well-known attractions, will undoubtedly draw you in. The Grand Mosque is undoubtedly a destination worth seeing for visitors because of its distinctive and eye-catching Islamic architecture, vibrant hues like blue and yellow, and a blend of calligraphy embellishments infused with local culture.

With Kuwait Immigration Services, Lithuanian tourists can effortlessly discover information about Kuwait e-Visa requirements to be ready for their journey to see the Grand Mosque. Continue reading the article for more information.

Kuwait e-Visa for Lithuanian citizens

Kuwait e-Visa for Lithuanian citizens

1. Kuwait Visa Requirements For Lithuanian Citizens

The Kuwaiti government has authorized an e-visa program via which people from more than 50 countries, particularly Lithuania, can request a visa. This visa is exclusively eligible for tourism reasons; business and medical care are not permitted. Lithuanian individuals who use this e-visa will be permitted to stay in the country for 90 days with a single entry.

Applying for a Kuwait e-visa from Lithuania will only consume you a short time for Lithuanian citizens, in fact, the e-visa can be purchased online using Kuwait Immigration Services. The following documents are required:

  • The passport must have 6 months validity left from the date you arrive in Kuwait.
  • Two vacant pages of your passport are required to mark visa stamps.
  • The applicant’s photograph
  • Passport Personal Information Scan without any missing lines or details.
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card.
  • An email address is required.
  • The government might require travelers to submit Covid-19 Certificate.

Kuwait e-Visa requirements for Lithuanian citizens

Kuwait e-Visa requirements for Lithuanian citizens

2. How To Apply For Kuwait e-Visa From Lithuania

In contrast to the traditional visa application method, we can now provide a new and modern online application system that allows tourists from Lithuania to arrange their visits as soon as possible. Applying for an e-Visa to Kuwait is now a fast and simple process, as the Kuwait e-Visa application can be completed in a few minutes.

Spend your fifteen minutes getting through the following steps:

  • Step 1: You must fill out the application form with all required personal information, such as your full name, nationality, and date of birth, as well as departure date and passport information. To minimize needless delays in processing and approval, double-check that all of the information you supplied is valid before moving on to the next stage.
  • Step 2: Before proceeding to the payment stage, you must examine the data supplied in Step 2 of the preceding phase. If there are any errors or information gaps in your e-Visa application, it may be delayed. After that, you must pay the e-Visa fee in order for your application to be processed.
  • Step 3: A confirmation email stating that your e-Visa application has been received will now arrive in the mail. Your e-Visa application will be examined and approved online, after which it will mail it to you.
  • Step 4: Download and print a copy of your Kuwait e-Visa as soon as it comes into your inbox to prepare for your trip to Kuwait. When you arrive in this country, your e-Visa must be stamped in your passport.

The processing period for an e-Visa in Kuwait is restricted to 72 hours. Applications, on the other hand, can be handled and approved in as little as 5 hours. To minimize delays or cancellations, it is recommended that you apply for an e-visa 7 days before your trip begins.

How to apply for a Kuwait visa for Lithuanian citizens

Kuwait evisa for Lithuanian citizens

3. Kuwait e-Visa Fee For Lithuanian Citizens

When applying for a Kuwait visa online through Lithuania, applicants also need to submit additional fees including a Kuwait visa service fee and a government fee.

The service fee is decided by the processing time you choose for your e-Visa application. When you compare prices, you may choose the most opulent option while staying inside your budget.

  • Standard: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa within three business days.
  • Urgent: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa in less than 5 business hours.

The fees related to an e-Visa can be paid in a number of different ways, including using a debit or credit card, American Express, or PayPal. If you do not have internet banking, then you can pay the e-visa through the Bank of Cyprus.

It is important for Lithuanian tourists to buy Kuwaiti health travel insurance prior to their trip. In addition to your e-Visa application, you must also provide Kuwait travel insurance proof in order for the Kuwaiti government to process it. Kuwait's health travel insurance is strongly recommended to ensure a fun and safe journey.

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4. The Embassy of Kuwait in Lithuania

If you contact the Kuwaiti Embassy in Lithuania, applicants may acquire more information about Kuwait visa requirements and other concerns. The Kuwaiti Embassy in Lithuania offers a pleasant welcome to visitors from various countries along with Lithuanians who wish to travel to Kuwait.