Kuwait Travel Information: What You Need To Know

Kuwait Travel Information 

Kuwait, a welcoming destination in the Arabian Gulf, is a cultural hub of the Middle East. Despite its arid climate, the small country boasts hospitable citizens. Explore Kuwait in 2023 with our comprehensive travel guide, covering cultural marvels, visa insights, transportation tips, and more. 

Immerse yourself in exceptional Arabian food, coffee, and cultural traditions for a memorable experience. Embark on this journey of discovery with us!

Check Kuwait Visa Requirements And The Processing Time

Before packing your luggage, acquaint yourself with the visa requirements for Kuwait and adhere to the uncomplicated application process. Make sure you possess all the requisite documents to facilitate a smooth entry into this dynamic country. For more details, kindly check your eligibility for Kuwait eVisa in the section.

Requirements for eligible countries

For travelers from eligible countries, specific requirements must be fulfilled when applying for the Kuwait eVisa:

  • The passport must have a validity of at least six (6) months at the time of arrival in the country and have at least 2 blank pages for visa stamping. 
  • A passport-size photograph of the applicant.
  • A copy of the biographical information.
  • Temporary travel document holders are not eligible to use the Kuwait online visa or eVisa system.
  • Applicants must not have any security restrictions preventing their entry or exit from Kuwait.

Kuwait eVisa for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries

Travelers from GCC countries must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Kuwait online visa or eVisa:

  • They must hold residency in one of the GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, or Oman.
  • The validity of their GCC residency must exceed six (6) months when applying for the Kuwait online visa or eVisa.
  • Applicants must submit a copy of the sponsor's GCC residency for all dependents, including spouses, children, domestic labor, etc.
  • The sponsor should be present with the dependents upon their arrival in Kuwait.
  • According to their GCC residency, the applicant's profession must fall under specific categories, such as consultants, engineers, doctors, judges, lawyers, university teachers, and more.

Kuwait Online Visa Processing Time 

When seeking a Kuwait visa online, you are required to make payments for two types of fees: the Service fee and the government fee.

The government fee for the Kuwait eVisa is covered by the Kuwait Immigration Department and is non-refundable. Every applicant for a Kuwait eVisa is obligated to settle this fee. The service charge is contingent on the type of service you choose, and the cost will vary based on the processing time duration you select for your e-Visa application. If applicants require urgent visa approval, you may select the Rush Visa service that serves your needs most.

  • Standard: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa within three business days.
  • Urgent: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa within 24 business hours.
  • Super Urgent: For those who need an e-Visa/e-Visa in less than 5 business hours.  

The fees related to an e-visa can be paid in several ways, including using a debit or credit card, American Express, or PayPal. Wire transfer to the bank account is also accepted.

How To Check Kuwait eVisa Application Status 

The first step in determining the visa status of your Kuwait application is navigating to the Kuwait Immigration Services website, and selecting Check Status.

From there, fill in the visa application reference number in the box, your application reference number can be found on the confirmation email of your visa application or in your email after you submit your application. 

After entering all of the essential information, "submit" and the status of your visa application will be displayed on the screen.

Transportation in Kuwait City

The best way to enter the country is using Kuwait Airways. Once you are there, you may find that public transportation is not the best option. There is a bus system, but there are very few vehicles and extremely restricted routes, with no scheduled timings.

The best choice for transportation in Kuwait City and other major destinations in the country is taking a taxi or hiring a private car service. The service is inexpensive, the only advice is to not get in a taxi without a meter, or if the driver refuses to switch it on.

Another possibility is renting a car. Especially if you visit different cities in Kuwait, this may be the more economical, reliable, and comfortable option.

Tips for Traveling Around Kuwait

  • Traffic Considerations: Be mindful of traffic, especially during peak hours in Kuwait City. Plan your journeys accordingly to avoid delays.
  • Navigation Apps: Use navigation apps to plan routes and estimate travel times. These apps can be particularly helpful for driving or choosing the best public transportation routes.
  • Communication: While many locals understand English, it's beneficial to learn a few Arabic phrases, especially when using public transportation.

Safety in Kuwait

Overall, Kuwait stands out as one of the most secure regions in the Middle East, with a minimal risk of criminal activities like theft or pickpocketing. It's important to acknowledge that Kuwait follows the Islamic faith, emphasizing the need to honor and adhere to local customs. Here are some valuable recommendations for your journey:

  • Opt for taxi services or private car rentals instead of relying on public transportation, which may not be the most secure choice.
  • Always choose a licensed taxi to avoid problems.
  • It is advised for women to refrain from walking alone in secluded areas during the nighttime.

Currency and Exchange Rates

Effortlessly manage your finances during your stay by familiarizing yourself with the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) and keeping informed about exchange rates, ensuring a smooth financial experience.

Weather in Kuwait

Kuwait experiences arid weather characterized by extended, hot summers. Throughout most of the year, there are consistently high temperatures and minimal rainfall. The period from September to November brings more agreeable temperatures.

During the period from March to May, temperatures fluctuate between 76.5°F (24.7°C) and 109.5°F (43.1°C), and rainfall is exceedingly infrequent. It is advisable to pack lightweight summer attire and ensure you have sunscreen. In the summer months, from June to August, temperatures become notably uncomfortable, ranging from 91.4ºF (33ºC) to 111.2ºF (44ºC), particularly in the desert areas of Kuwait.

Embark on a cultural odyssey in Kuwait, where modernity meets tradition, and every corner is steeped in history. Armed with this comprehensive guide, your journey to Kuwait in 2023 promises to be a seamless blend of exploration, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences.