How To Check Kuwait eVisa Status Online

How To Check Kuwait eVisa Status Online

Once you have completed and submitted your e-visa application, you can track the progress of your visa status using your application reference number. The application reference number will be sent to your email address after you submit your application. 

A Kuwait eVisa, an electronic authorization, grants eligible travelers the privilege of visiting Kuwait for a maximum duration of 90 days. To get a Kuwait eVisa for visiting Kuwait, eligible individuals can swiftly complete an online application form, a process that takes just a few minutes. Upon completion, each applicant will acquire a distinctive application reference number which they can use to track their application via “Check Status”.

Check Kuwait eVisa Status

Post-completion of the online Kuwait visa application, updates on the application status and the issued Kuwait eVisa are delivered via email to the address during the application process. The eVisa application is thoroughly reviewed by the official Kuwait authorities. 

A Kuwait eVisa application typically takes 1 to 3 business days (excluding weekends, and public holidays in Kuwait) to process, However, keep in mind that the procedure may take longer if any issue arises during the process. 

Following the eVisa processing, the result is sent immediately to the applicant via email. In the event of non-receipt, it is essential to check the spam folder, as an email filter or regulation may have sent the correspondence to the Spam or junk folders.

If the applicant does not get a response within three business days, he or she should proceed to verify the status of the Kuwait visa by following the instructions and doing a Kuwait visa check using the given application reference number. Moreover, you can always contact our support team for direct assistance. 

How To Track Your Kuwait eVisa Application Online

Upon submission of the application, an application reference number is provided. It is advisable to retain this number, as it is required for subsequent Kuwait online visa status checks or inquiries.

Before initiating a Kuwait visa status check, a waiting period of three business days is recommended, considering the Government of Kuwait’s processing timeline, which may extend up to three business days.

If more than three (03) business days have transpired since the submission of the online eVisa application for Kuwait, the status can be verified by entering contact details, passport number, and the assigned reference number. Subsequently, a Kuwait visa status update will be relayed via email within 72 hours.

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